Female IT professional working on a server


Proper retirement of IT assets can be very complicated due to factors ranging from environmental sustainability to data security.

That’s where We Recycle Computers comes in.

We help people to retire their technology assets, while preserving their system security, safeguarding their infrastructure and offering value back on IT equipment.

Data Destruction

We Recycle Computers offers data erasure and hard drive destruction services on-site at your facility, or at one of our secure locations. 

Whichever you choose, we ensure sensitive data is permanently erased from your IT assets using internationally recognized erasure software – or we destroy the hard drives and other data bearing devices – then provide serialized verification reports.


Whether it’s a sophisticated hardware setup, or the removal of scrap electronics, at We Recycle Computer, we guarantee that no data exposure risk will ever take place in decommissioning process.

To do that, we offer internationally recognized data wiping software and set of processes that guarantees that each individual hard drive is tracked down to the serial number at every step in decommissioning process.

Of course, we also ethically recycle each and every component.